Monday, May 4, 2009

Matt finally turned 5!!!

On April 30 Bear finally turned 5 years old. He had to have a count down calender so he didn't ask every day when his birthday was. I had to be gone to work meetings on his birthday so Dave was incharge. He took him to Wal Mart and bought him a new bike and took all the kids to dinner. On Saturday we had a party and invited the neighbor hood boys to Jumpin Jacks. They had a blast. He went there for his birthday last year and loved it so much that he wanted to go back again. Then came back to the house for cake and rootbeer floats. I think he had a great birthday! Happy Birthday, Bear! We love you!!


Dave, Gretchen, Cam, Abbie & Sadie said...

FUN!! Cam had a great time!! Happy Birthday Bear!!

Davis family said...

This looks like a great birthday! I am excited that Gage will get to see you, but why? Did they say he needed help again? It will be good to see you. I have been missing our TLC friends!