Wednesday, August 27, 2008


This week is dedicated to MEGAN! She has kept us all very busy and we are proud of her for the choices that she is making. This week she made the 8th grade volley ball team, is running for student council, is on the yearbook staff and was just made the Beehive President. She is loving her first year of middle school!

Last night I down loaded megan's camera to the computer and saw these really cute pictures of her and her friends when they were shopping at the mall. Thought I would share them with you. I wish I was as out going and daring as she and her friends are. They are always having a good time.

Friday, August 22, 2008


Tav Finally made it home!!! We were so excited to see him. He served a mission in Washington D.C. Manderine speaking. He arrived in the St. George airport Wednesday night with all of us anxiously waiting to see him. We are so glad Tav is home--especially "bear" he has been talking for about 6 months about Tav playing trains with him. Welcome Home Tav! He reports his mission sunday in my mom's ward at 11:00.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Shopping For A Dress

Today we went shopping for a wedding dress. Kim and her family are still here so we thought it would be a good time for the girls to help Tiffany pick out her wedding dress. We went to one store and bought the first one she tried on. It is very simple and elegant. We even found dresses for the little flower girls to wear. My mom gets to check 2 things off her list now! Tiffany is getting married in December so we still have lots of time.

Gettin rid of it...

Oh My Gosh!!! I am so glad I had a new post because I was so tired of looking at Donny and Marie. LOL

Our Family Campout

Over the weekend the Wadsworths came to St. George and we all decided to campout at Terry's Ranch in Enterprise. We had a great time together. The kids get along really well and entertain each other the whole time which gives the adults time to sit around and visit. We had 4-wheeler rides and took a ride to pine park and let the kids catch frogs and bugs. Mom, Dad, Dustin, Kim and James slept out under the stars and the rest of us slept in tents. Oh-ya and we ate really good too. We hope to create many memories there and make it a fun place for our family to go over and over. Check out the pictures of our little outing.
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Thursday, August 14, 2008

WOW! What A Day!

Today was such a crazy day. We started by getting the girls off to school and getting the boys ready for PICTURES!! I think I am nuts to keep going back to Kiddie Kandids because the people there are so not good picture takers. It gets so frustrating there. Well,before we went to have pictures taken we had to go see Doctor Cain for Josh's shots and 2 year checkup. While we were there "Bear" had his ears cleaned out (which happens every 6 mo.) and it took 1 1/2 hours then I had some blood drawn. To make the story short...we were at the Doctors office way too long and we didn't get lunch and we went to take pictures anyways. Josh fell asleep and Bear was hungry and the photographer was ready for her lunch break. We didn't get any pictures of Josh except for a few that he didn't have to smile in. Bear did Great!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Our Summer

Yea! The kids have gone back to school and I finally can get back on some kind of routine!! I can't believe how crazy our summer has been and we haven't even gone on vacation. With moving into the new home and entertaining the kids we have kept very busy. Here are a few pictures of our busy summer.

Dave's 20 year class reunion

Megan at BYU basketball camp

Megan at Girls Camp

Our trip to my sisters in Fallon on the farm. The red tractor was my grandpa's old tractor and my BIL James restored it. Cool HUH!

James taking us on a hay wagon ride.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Ok! So, I Got the Blogging Bug!!!

Ok---so I have started a blog! Wow, I now know what mom's do who don't work. This took so long to figure out but I think I have it now. My next project will be to figure out how to make it cute, but that may have to wait until next summer. I love to read others blogs so I guess it is my turn. I am excited to try this, hopefully others will join in because I think it is a great way for us all to keep in touch and let others know what is happening in our lives.

Hey-let me know what you think!

Family Reunions

We had 2 family reunions this summer both were held in Salt Lake City. The first was a Terry reunion with Jen's family and the second was with The Nuttall family(Dave's Mom's family). We enjoyed both of them and the kids had a blast. Thanks to all who held the reunions and made them a success! "There's something about being around family that makes you feel like you really belong."

Josh Turns 2!!!

Josh finally turned 2 yesterday. He has been going around telling everyone he is 5 for about 3 months and if you as him when his birthday is he will tell you ,August 3rd! It is fun to have a 2 year old around the home. Some of the cute things he is doing...
  • Sings just like his dad--(Loud and all the time).

-favorite song is "1,2,3 like a bird I sing..."

  • Loves to hang with "Bear" and Emilie.
  • Had his first swimming lessons this summer and goes under water.
  • Gives great kisses, mostly to Megan
  • Loves to eat anything-expecially watermellon (and he can say the whole word)
  • Wants keys to the 4-wheeler and Rhino.
  • Sleeps in the bottom bunk all night long.
  • He is such a good kid! (I wish they all stayed this good)


My friend Celeste called and invited me to hang out with her in Vegas a couple of weeks ago and to see the Donny & Marie show. We had so much fun! We haven't spent much time together for such a long time and it was good to visit and shop & shop & shop!!! Oh Ya, and walk and walk. But we got the hang of the strip and figured out where everything was and where the best shops were. Thanks Celeste for a fun weekend!!!

At the lake

This was one of our first trips to the lake (Sand Hollow) this summer. Dave and "Bear" are designated as the drivers. I am the offical flag holder (since I am way too old to do anything else!) Megan gets to ski, wake board and knee board and she is getting better at it each time we go. Emilie is our sun bather. We took my sister Tiffany and her soon to be husband, Christian with us to help with the kids and handle the boat. We sure enjoy our time together at the lake.