Monday, September 28, 2009

24th of July---Terry's Ranch

we spent the 24th of July in Enterprise at the Terry's Ranch. (Another one of our favorite places to go.) We were able to visit with family, play with cousins and relax.

Our dad always needs a nap!

Brotherly love...

Bear trying to find water snakes and frogs!

Megan entertained herself by doing all the girls hair.

We love going over to Uncle Fenton's farm and seeing the animals
(Josh, Emilie, Hallie & Shaylee)

Lake Powell

This summer started off very busy. Our first excursion was off to lake Powell for an extended Leavitt Family reunion. We had fun seeing cousisns that we don't get to see very often and spending a whole week with them. There were over 60 people and we shared 2 house boats. Lake Powell is one of our most favorite places to go and it is getting funner as our kids get older and are able to do more things. The pictures are some of the highlights of the trip. I have so many more but I just selected a few.

This was the huge water slide the guys made for the kids. They had a blast!

Leavitt Family

Emilie is so brave and loved jumping off the top of the house boat!

Josh was so afraid of the lake. But he felt safe in this kiddie pool. He spent most of the time putting sand in the water.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Emilie's last day of 1st grade 2009. She had a great teacher, Jennifer Alverado, and met some of the cutest friends.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Matthew was lucky to have his Aunt Makayla be his preschool teacher this year. He loves her and he was in a class with his cousin Lainee. They have become good friends.

Water day at preschool.

Megan's last days of school.

School has ended and the last days are over. We had a great year with lots of memories with new and old friends.

Megan and Chase getting an award for being on the Honor Roll

On the last day of school Megan and friends came to the house and spent over an hour looking at their year books and signing them and adding more paper so they could write more. They have had a great year. Our house has been one of the hang out places and I have loved getting to know all of these kids. There is even one who calls me mom and wants to be adopted into our family---It's Great!

Emilie's Dance Recital

What a cute Ballerina...I love to watch her dance!

Flowers from Daddy!

Emilie and Preslee had to hang out in the back room for their dance, which was number 39 on the list. They have become good friends.

Jazz dancers---

Mothers Day!

For Mother's Day Dave bought me this new camera! It has taken me a while to figure it out but in the mean time I have loved taking pictures. It makes it so much more fun when you have a nice camera. So maybe I will have an excuse to update my blog more often with our latest happenings. Thanks, Dave...I love it!

Here are just a few pic taken from my new camera...

These 3 sweet girls are inlove with the Frei's Dog Mitzie. Nearly every afternoon you will find them fighting over her.

Bear..."Mom, look at this...I am a Monkey"
Mom... "Quit doing that or your ears and eyes will stay like that!"
What a wierd kid!!

This is Josh's past time. He has a little hoop outside on the back porch. He has this routine where he dribbles at the top of the cement and then runs to the hoop and dunks it. It is so fun to watch him try to please his daddy.