Thursday, August 27, 2009

Emilie's last day of 1st grade 2009. She had a great teacher, Jennifer Alverado, and met some of the cutest friends.


Davis family said...

I'm glad you posted something new! but think its funny that it is about her last day of 1st grade, when its already the beginning of
2nd grade. :) looking forward to more!

3boysohmy said...

I'm so behind as well and starting from July 4th and working my way up till now. Had to throw in the Anniversary but will be updating hopefully daily or close to it. I will be checking back on you to see what happened during your summer as well, as I see you are catching up too. Glad to see you are posting again!

Muhammad Yasin Mahr said...

hmmmmmm . . . . . . awWW