Thursday, August 14, 2008

WOW! What A Day!

Today was such a crazy day. We started by getting the girls off to school and getting the boys ready for PICTURES!! I think I am nuts to keep going back to Kiddie Kandids because the people there are so not good picture takers. It gets so frustrating there. Well,before we went to have pictures taken we had to go see Doctor Cain for Josh's shots and 2 year checkup. While we were there "Bear" had his ears cleaned out (which happens every 6 mo.) and it took 1 1/2 hours then I had some blood drawn. To make the story short...we were at the Doctors office way too long and we didn't get lunch and we went to take pictures anyways. Josh fell asleep and Bear was hungry and the photographer was ready for her lunch break. We didn't get any pictures of Josh except for a few that he didn't have to smile in. Bear did Great!


Hallman Family said...

Jen your boys are adorable! I hope the kids have fun this year in school.

Jessica and Scott said...

Amen to that. The St. George Kiddie Kandids needs help. :) The pics are cute though!