Wednesday, October 22, 2008

School Lunch today...

Well around 9:30 this morning I got a call from Emilie's teacher to bring her a sack lunch.(We usually look to see what is for lunch and then choose wether or not to eat it or bring a lunch)So her teacher calls me and says that Emilie wants me to bring her a lunch, they are having peanut and butter and jelly sandwhiches. The TEACHER said that they are the grossest thing that they serve and usually the sandwhiches are still frozen when the kids eat them. She wouldn't eat them either. No I am not going to take it up with the lunch ladies, but, come need their nutrition if they are going to learn anything in school. They should be serving better things.

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Lainee said...

Crazy how crappy lunch is getting. I don't think I could ever eat a frozen PB & J, yuck!!

Anyway I tagged you so go check out the rules on my blog. :)