Friday, April 10, 2009

What do you think???

Dave and I have been talking about "bear" and the fact that he will be going to Kindergarten next year and we still call him "bear". We started calling him "bear" just a few minutes after he was born. He was a huge baby weighing 10lbs 1 oz and 22 in long. We also had a hard time naming him. I knew I wanted his middle name to be David but never had a first name. We named him Matthew David after he was about 5-6 days old but the name "bear" was already stuck in place and it is still stuck and fits him. But...kindergarten is coming up and he has to spell his name "Matt" and his teachers call him Matthew and his friends all call him "bear" and I don't know if it is too confusing to him or too babyish or what??? What would you do?

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Davis family said...

does he know his name is Matt? If he does then just keep reminding him that at school they use our real names, and if he likes the nickname of bear then keep it up. If he doesn't then he will eventually start telling people to call him Matt or Matthew whichever he likes. I know a kid that went one year at school by his middle name, and then the next year went back to using his first name. He'll figure out what he likes.