Thursday, January 15, 2009

Just thought I would blog this picure that was taken over New Year's. It is of me and some of my very best friends from High School (they are actually friends since I was about 3) We usually get together with our husbands every New Year's and sometimes during the year and have such a good time. Kristi Lasson, Brette Winders and Celeste Hallman and me. (This year we all are passing up 35 so that means we are all getting so old but we still feel so young "right girls?!?")


Hallman Family said...

We are still totally young! That night was so fun...I am glad we all were able to get together!
Miss you guys!

Dana said...

It is always so fun to get together with your friends!

mr catch said...

So cute! And might I add, you are getting old! I can only say that because I am a few years behind you!!!
Hey - Happy New Year too!