Friday, December 26, 2008

OK---It is time to blog again...

Well, I have finally found a moment of alone time, it seems, for this whole month. I can't believe how crazy it has been, and I can't believe how long it has been since I have blogged. Sorry for not updating. I told Dave I was going to loose all of my blogger friends if I didn't post something soon. So I thought I would post a few of our Christmas pics for the Holiday season.

Christmas gift exchange at Grandma Leavitt's house. The kids all drew names around Thanksgiving time and we traded gifts on Christmas Eve. It is so much fun for the kids to shop for each other and give them their gifts. We then usually go to the Santa Clara Christmas Eve program but decided to skip it this year because my whole family is here for the wedding and we spent Christmas Eve with them.

Christmas Eve at Grandma Jensens's home. These are a few pictures of our party at Grandma Jensen's playing a little Christmas style fear factor. It was a lot of fun. Even my parents played and were good sports about it. Thanks to Jessica, Kaydee and Shelbee for the great party and good food.

Christmas Eve Pj's

Christmas Day...I think everyone was happy and Santa Delivered all they wanted!


Jessica said...

Good times! Did your mom mention anything about being bruised from getting to the reindeer poop? Both my mom and Shelbee were sore but Shelb even had bruises!

jen said...

yep--her chest was bruised. But it was worth all the fun we had, so she says.

Dana said...

Looks like you had a way fun Christmas. I bet that you are exhausted with Christmas and a wedding all in one week. Emily will have to come over, Brylee got that same cupcake kit and we are experts now.